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Sallu’s doing it, SRK’s doing it, Aamir’s doing it too. So how can the fourth and most nawabi Khan, Saifu be left behind?

Yes, Saif Ali Khan’s newest ambition is to turn into a superhero himself. After SRK’s Ra.One, Salman’s Sher Khan and Aamir’s almost superhero-like role in Dhoom 3, Saif wants to ‘fly high’ with the rest of ’em. When quizzed about it, he said, “Of course, I have grown up with comics and superheroes and I’d love to play one onscreen.”

And while Sallu might be a wee bit shy to wear his underwear over his pants for the role (that’s what he admitted), Saif’s got no such inhibitions. “I think it’s necessary to dress that way to be a superhero. I’d absolutely do it if I’m ever offered an appealing script”. Well Saif, before you fly off to save the world, please tell us more about your love life…inside out. He, he!