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Saif Ali Khan’s fans are quite well aware with the actor’s humour quotient and on-point comic timing. In many films, we have seen Saif charming audiences with his light humour. The actor, who is currently busy shooting for a period drama, will yet again be seen with his funny hat on.

According to recent buzz, Saif Ali Khan will get his quirk on for Anushka Sharma next production. The actress has three films lined up this year. This film will be directed by ‘Delhi Belly’ writer Akshat Verma. As reported by a daily, the film in question has been in the pipeline for more than two years. After a lot of work, the makers have found their film’s leading man, Saif Ali Khan.

The makers were impressed by the actor’s comic timing. The untitled film will see Saif Ali Khan in a whole new different avatar.

Apart from this film, the actress also has two more films lined up; ‘Phillauri’ is one of them. After the success of their dark thriller ‘NH10’, brother-sister duo Karnesh Sharma and Anushka Sharma are back with their second production ‘Phillauri’. The film, that has Anushka and Diljit Dosanjh in playing the leading pair, is a romantic comedy with a lot of “drama and craziness”.

Directed by Anshai Lal and produced by Anushka- Karnesh’s Clean Slate Films ‘Phillauri’ is set against the backdrop of a Punjabi marriage. The film also stars ‘Life Of Pie’ actor Suraj Sharma.


From Radhe Bhaiya to Prem to Devil, we’ve seen Salman Khan donning several hats, but they’ve always been the nice-guy hats. Never ever ever in his long career, did the actor once play a villain. But looks like the ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan,’ actor is all set to change the fact. According to a report in DNA, the acvtor has been offered the role of the lead protagonist in YRF’s ‘Dhoom:4’ and Ramesh Taurani’s ‘Race 3.’ A source was quoted saying in the same report that Salman wishes to experiment with his roles and wants to play a “cool and stylish villain.” The source further revealed, Salman’s role in ‘Race 3’ is almost finalized, but his stint in ‘Dhoom: 4’ is still in talks as there seems to be a financial conflict between him and Aditya Chopra. Reportedly, Salman wants the same stake in profit as was offered to Aamir Khan in ‘Dhoom:3.’

While we are still reeling from this new information, move on to check out a cute picture of the actor that left us in awe of him


The Indian adaptation of Jon Favreau’s high-profile Hollywood hit, Chef is all set to be rolled out. The director of this year’s superhit, Airlift, Raja Krishna Menon, will direct the Hindi adaptation which has Saif Ali Khan in the lead role. Let us remind you that Chef, is a 2014 breakthrough hit film that was written, produced and directed by Jon Favreau (also the director of the global blockbuster Jungle Book) who also featured in the titular role essaying Chef Casper. The movie revolves around  professional Chef, Carl Casper, (played by Favreau himself). Carl, quits his job at a popular Los Angeles restaurant after refusing to compromise his creative integrity to its controlling owner. As he tries to figure out his next move, he finds himself in his hometown, Miami, where he teams up with his ex-wife, friend and son to launch a food truck. Taking to the road, Chef Carl goes back to his roots to reignite his passion for the kitchen and his zest for life and love. What follows is an endearing journey of relationships, self-discovery and success

According to a survey, actor Saif Ali Khan is the king when it comes to appearance of the ads on TV. The survey shows that Saif’s ads appeared for about 45 lakh of seconds on TV in 2007 closely followed by SRK whose ads did for about 42 lakh of seconds. The list also contains big names like Big B on 3rd and Hrithik Roshan on 4th and many more. But only two cricketers could make it in the list including M.S. Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar.

Ajay Devgn blows up 50 cars at an average, especially when he joins hands with Rohit Shetty, case in point being SINGHAM and GOLMAAL series. Shahrukh Khan too went many steps ahead when he destroyed an entire car yard in RA.ONE. He did show restrain in DON 2 though one waits to see how many explosions Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan create in their upcoming action outings ROWDY RATHORE and EK THA TIGER. However one man who doesn’t wish to over indulge in such brand of action is Saif Ali Khan.

”He as well as director Sriram Raghavan was of the opinion that despite the central protagonist being an agent here, they wouldn’t be blowing cars all over the city,” informs a source attached to the film, ”They were sure that nothing would be a part of the narrative if it was rather unnecessary.”
Another line of thought that Saif and Sriram carried was the familiarity factor that Indian audience are carrying today when it comes to action imports from the West. With dubbed versions of BAD BOYS and FAST AND THE FURIOUS series reaching the nook and corner of the country, the makers felt that it would be futile to try bettering sequences from these films.
”When you are working at a budget which is less than 5% of such films, why try to be over-smart and shoot something for your personal gratification,” adds Sriram, ‘I would rather shoot something that is absolute necessary and takes the story forward. This is what I have done by varying my action sequences in a way that each of them manages its own individuality without seeming overdone.”

An agent who doesn’t overdo his act? Well, we would certainly like to see his modus operandi at play here!

Brawl wasn’t planned to create publicity for film Agent Vinod, says actor and producer

Saif Ali Khan’s hot-headed attitude has garnered the actor enough limelight in the past two days. However this incident comes at a point, a time when his dream movie “Agent Vinod” is close to release.

While theories were floating that the “ugly incident” was planned publicity, the nawab completely denies the happening. Saif says, “We don’t need such kind of publicity, such negative things are completely unwarranted.”

Agent Vinod is made under Saif’s banner Illuminati Films and as a producer he doesn’t like such cheap gimmicks. “It usually depends on the class and kind of a production house. We didn’t want to create newspaper headlines which would create shock and sensationalism. This kind of stuff doesn’t suit our production house. I don’t believe in garnering publicity in such a negative manner. Rather our posters and promos should create the right kind of buzz,” says Saif.

In an official statement the actor had said that the brawl was a result of self-defence as even the ladies were present, there was bad language used, but became abusive and was difficult to handle.

However, being a famed name Saif feels that being a celebrity means you are constantly under the scanner, and people are watchful of all things you do. “I try to control as much as I can, in every situation. We are examples for our fans and there is always a camera around. But even we are normal people. We need to react correctly to set an example for others,” says Saif.

On the occasion, Saif was dining with girlfriend Kareena Kapoor and other Bollywood friends – Karisma Kapoor; Malaika Arora Khan, Amrita Arora Ladak and her husband Shakeel Ladak.

Coming out in Saif’s defence Amrita stated, “It is sad that celebrities are becoming victims of other people who want their 15 minutes of fame. And if the people concerned were assaulted so badly, how come they were fit enough to be on television and give interviews all day.”

There are two kind of people in industry, one who are opportunistic and other who works on trust and relations.

When Saif Ali Khan said he wanted to make “Agent Vinod”, everyone thought he wanted to remake the 1977 hit film by the same name. “Yes, we have the same name and we are in the same thriller genre, but the film is not a remake, nor is it an extension of the original,” he had explained.

Khan adds, “In fact, the title was with Rajshri films, with whom I have worked (“Hum Saath Saath Hai”). Both of us met at the Ambani school, where my daughter Sarah and Raj Babu’s (Rajkamal Barjatiya) granddaughter were performing. I told him I wanted the title, Agent Vinod. We shook hands and he said, ‘The title is yours’. I asked him what documentation I need to do. He just smiled and said, ‘No need’. So we got the tile over a handshake.”