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Saif Ali Khan will declare his marriage plans after the release of Agent Vinod. One of the most awaited marriages of the Bollywood lovebird Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor will be finalised once Saifu’s home production’s fate is sealed. “Yes, everybody is asking about our marriage plans. But I want to make it clear that I will not say anything now because people might divert their attention from Agent Vinod to our marriage; this might hamper the film’s promotion. Let’s talk about my personal stuff like marriage et al after the film… for now I want I want to focus completely on the movie,” says Saif. Speaking about the daily gossip being dished out in the media and tons of news reams being wasted on the same, not to forget about the precious airtime of the channels too, the Nawab says, “There will always be the attention of media and audience on our personal life and I have no such objections. I don’t have any problem about the questions that people ask because I believe everybody has the right to ask. But what is important is that whether we want to speak about it or not. We will surely reply if we deem it fit, and if we feel it’s not important then we would not.” So does Bebo guide him in his daily life, be it personal or professional? “Kareena always gives me tips and advices me but I also listen to my own mind. So when I feel I am right I do what my mind says,” he tells us. But for now who were waiting to see their marriage invite, may have to wait a little longer.