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Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Friday said she hopes to settle down with beau Saif Ali Khan and become the ‘Begum of Pataudi’ by the “end of this year”.
“Hopefully, by the end of this year,” Kareena said at the India Today Conclave 2012 here, following a question about her D-day.
“I am working on ‘Heroine’ and I need to finish the film first. But we’re not going to announce the date yet.
I don’t understand why the entire nation is in a hurry to make me the Begum of Pataudi. There’s no rush. Obviously people have to be patient,” she added.
The 31-year-old has been romantically with Saif, 10 years her senior, since 2007.
Saif was anointed the 10th Nawab of Pataudi in 2011, after his father, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi’s death.

Get ready for a fun Bollywood night out and a chance to get up close to the star when he jets into town to promote his latest film Agent Vinod
Fans can ready themselves for a date with blue-blooded Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan on Saturday February 18 at BurJuman. The Nawab of Pataudi will be in town for a series of events organized by Dream Advertising to promote his latest film Agent Vinod, a spy thriller also starring Kareena Kapoor – the other half of Indian cinema’s hottest couple – which is set to be released on March 23.
Visitors can look forward to a lively evening as BurJuman goes Bollywood with back-to-back dance performances from chart topping film hits starting from 5.30pm at the mall, with lots of onstage games and plenty of prizes up for grabs – including several chances to get up close with the charismatic Khan.
Popular RJs from the No 1 Asian Radio channel City 101.6 will kick off the event and keep the fans entertained throughout with exciting competitions for both the live audience and listeners of the popular radio channel. Visitors can look forward to a fun night with the star while a few lucky winners will be able to meet Saif Ali Khan and join him on stage for a photo op.

Stars, nowadays, right from Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan have made their presence quite clear on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and through blogging. However, where on one hand, actors and actresses are lining up to sign up on such sites, the recently crowned nawab Saif Ali Khan is quite the self-confessed recluse when it comes to social networking sites.

Sources claim that one of the main reasons Langda Tyagi has stayed away from such networking sites is because he doesn’t want to undergo the pressure of coming up with some witty and clever remark all the time. Moreover, the princely Khan also believes that while the Internet is a great platform for many things, he does not feel the need to share his every passing thought with the public.

Incidentally, Ranbir Kapoor, the cousin brother of Saif’s beau Kareena also reportedly abhors social networking sites and has this opinion that stars should maintain an aura of mystery around themselves, which vanishes if they remain accessible to the public at large through such websites.

Guess it’s not so easy to ‘poke’ royalty, eh Mr. Khan?

Dalit group in Patna is up in arms against Prakash Jha for casting ‘royal’ Saif Ali Khan as a member of the scheduled caste in ‘Aarakshan’
A Dalit group in Patna is upset with Prakash Jha, for casting Saif Ali Khan as a Dalit in his next film Aarakshan.

The movie that deals with reservation issue has Chhote Nawab playing Deepak Kumar, a member of the schedule caste.

A certain Dalit Suraksha Samiti has sent Jha a letter of protest, claiming that getting someone like Saif Ali Khan a blue blood to play a Dalit, is an insult to their community.

The letter also threatens Jha of ‘serious repercussions’ if he doesn’t explain why has he cast Saif for the role. Jha says, “Yes, we have received a letter.
My people are looking into it. We have not filed any complaint yet. It does not seem to be a registered organisation.”

Jha, who has always tried to bring to fore the plight of political and developmental initiatives in Bihar through
his films says that he cannot fathom the organisation’s problem. “Dalit groups should be happy that we are making a film about reservation.
I can’t understand why anybody should be offended if Saif, being from a royal family, is cast as a Dalit. As directors, we cast actors who we think are suitable for the role. I thought Saif would be right for the part, so I cast him,”
he say