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Ajay Devgn blows up 50 cars at an average, especially when he joins hands with Rohit Shetty, case in point being SINGHAM and GOLMAAL series. Shahrukh Khan too went many steps ahead when he destroyed an entire car yard in RA.ONE. He did show restrain in DON 2 though one waits to see how many explosions Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan create in their upcoming action outings ROWDY RATHORE and EK THA TIGER. However one man who doesn’t wish to over indulge in such brand of action is Saif Ali Khan.

”He as well as director Sriram Raghavan was of the opinion that despite the central protagonist being an agent here, they wouldn’t be blowing cars all over the city,” informs a source attached to the film, ”They were sure that nothing would be a part of the narrative if it was rather unnecessary.”
Another line of thought that Saif and Sriram carried was the familiarity factor that Indian audience are carrying today when it comes to action imports from the West. With dubbed versions of BAD BOYS and FAST AND THE FURIOUS series reaching the nook and corner of the country, the makers felt that it would be futile to try bettering sequences from these films.
”When you are working at a budget which is less than 5% of such films, why try to be over-smart and shoot something for your personal gratification,” adds Sriram, ‘I would rather shoot something that is absolute necessary and takes the story forward. This is what I have done by varying my action sequences in a way that each of them manages its own individuality without seeming overdone.”

An agent who doesn’t overdo his act? Well, we would certainly like to see his modus operandi at play here!

Actor Kareena Kapoor cancelled all her birthday (September 21) celebrations plans and flew to be by her beau, actor Saif Ali Khan’s side when his father, cricketing legend Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi succumbed to lung infection the next day.

“It was too personal a loss for me to even talk about it,” she says. “Saif is family to me and so is his family. At that point, all I wanted to do was to be with them in their times of crisis.”

It’s been reported that Saif broke down on the sets of his home production, Agent Vinod shortly after resuming work. Kareena refutes it saying, “Saif is a very brave person and knows how to handle himself very well. He is way too strong and private to even let anybody know what he is going through. His emotions and feelings are very sacred to him; he would never let it out in front of anyone. He is too dignified to do that.”

Thereare reports of her marriage to Saif, which was supposedly scheduled to happen in February, being pushed further. “I don’t understand these constant speculations especially when we both have always been open about our relationship,” retorts Bebo. “We have never lied or hidden anything, so if there’s announcement to be made, we’d do the same. Right now, we both are just completely focused on our film together.”

Besides looking ahead to her releases with the other Khans — Shah Rukh and Aamir, she’s also visibly excited about sister Karisma Kapoor’s comback to films. “Till date, it was just me who was busy, but now, Karisma too will be equally busy. I called her up thrice today, and each time her Man Friday picked up the phone and said, ‘Madam baat nahi kar sakti, shot mein hai.’ It was weird but felt great! I am extremely happy for her. At this age, she looks outstanding and has maintained herself really well. She looks better than most actresses today, and can give them a run for their money,” gushes Bebo.

Saif Ali Khan refutes rumours of girlfriend Kareena holding up his home production, insists that Agent Vinod is on track.

Speculations are rife that Saif Ali Khan’s second production, Agent Vinod, has missed its December 9 deadline and been pushed forward to 2012. And one of the reasons for the delay is steady date Kareena Kapoor, who is giving priority to other movies like Aamir Khan-starrer, An Act Of Murder, Salman Khan’s Eid release, Bodyguard and Shah Rukh Khan’s superhero fantasy flick, RA.One that opens this Diwali, over her beau’s production.

But Saif refutes the rumour saying, “Kareena gives as much importance to my movie as she does to any other she is associated with. But we’re all busy and she can’t be shooting only for Agent Vinod indefinitely.

She’s already given us more dates than we had asked for initially and has been really accommodating. But she has other commitments too that she can’t turn away from. She will be back shooting for us soon.”

He points out that even he took a break from his own production to shoot for Prakash Jha’s Aarakshan and then his third production, Cocktail, which flagged off in London last month.

Even after returning to Mumbai, he’s been busy with other assignments, but director Sriram Raghavan has been filming scenes that do not require Kareena and him. He too will rejoin the shoot soon.

The actor-producer shrugs off talk of “creative differences” with Sriram because schedules and budget have reportedly gone haywire. “I love Sriram’s mind and this is his best work yet,” he reiterates.

Why then is he sitting in on the film’s editing? “Who told you I was? If I had to make my own movie, why would I sign someone else?” he retorts, asserting that the film will be out in December. “Since it’s an action thriller with plenty of mind-boggling stunts and special effects, it’s been a tough movie to shoot. But it will definitely be in theatres by the end of this year.”

After reigning stars Hrithik Roshan (Krish) and Shah Rukh Khan (Ra.One), it is the turn of Saif Ali Khan to essay a superhero in the multilingual film Prince Vaali.

Telugu producer-director Vishnu Tanay, who is planning to make the film in five languages including Telugu and Hindi, has reportedly met the B-town star a couple of times and narrated the script to him.

“We had a few meetings but nothing is finalised yet,” says a source in the production house.

The star was impressed by the homework done by the team, which included a one crore jacket for the get-up and hiring Hollywood technicians who have worked for Terminator for designing the action sequences.

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Sallu’s doing it, SRK’s doing it, Aamir’s doing it too. So how can the fourth and most nawabi Khan, Saifu be left behind?

Yes, Saif Ali Khan’s newest ambition is to turn into a superhero himself. After SRK’s Ra.One, Salman’s Sher Khan and Aamir’s almost superhero-like role in Dhoom 3, Saif wants to ‘fly high’ with the rest of ’em. When quizzed about it, he said, “Of course, I have grown up with comics and superheroes and I’d love to play one onscreen.”

And while Sallu might be a wee bit shy to wear his underwear over his pants for the role (that’s what he admitted), Saif’s got no such inhibitions. “I think it’s necessary to dress that way to be a superhero. I’d absolutely do it if I’m ever offered an appealing script”. Well Saif, before you fly off to save the world, please tell us more about your love life…inside out. He, he!