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Among the Bollywood royalty, Saif Ali Khan holds a special place. This is mainly thanks to the rare combination of his Nawabi lineage and his love interest, Kareena Kapoor — the industry’s reigning queen. Now, with talks of their marriage coinciding with the release of Aarakshan, his first film in two years, the actor can’t escape the media glare.
In conversation with Harneet Singh, the actor shows no reservations as he talks about his dreams, his ambitious home production, Agent Vinod, being a zombie expert and his Zen-like approach to work.
Why the almost two-year gap between Kurbaan and Aarakshan?
I got busy with my production, Agent Vinod, as well as setting up my production house, Illuminati Films. In hindsight, it didn’t pan out that bad. The gap gave me the time to reboot myself. Now, I’m enjoying training in the gym and also I’m clearer about the direction I want my career to take.
Prakash Jha and you occupy diverse worlds, how did Aarakshan happen?
It happened over a conversation where I pointed out that we will make for a very unexpected combination if we ever work together. The next day, he offered me the film. I took it up as a good opportunity to do a film based on India and about Indians.
And handling the moustache, did that come easy?
Well, let me first tell you that it’s a genuine one. It took getting used to, but I tend to think that a moustache can look very sophisticated if you carry it well. It also has an advantage that you can suck the soup out of it hours after you’ve eaten (laughs).

Gooood morning my darling pesto cream pastas! Here’s what’s naya, taaza and masaledaar in the lives of your favourite B-townies. My jasoos from Goregaon has reported that Saif Ali Khan was stuck at Film City for eight and a half hours. That’s long!

It was pouring
torrentially that evening when he shot for Kaun Banega Crorepati with Deepika Padukone and host, Amitabh Bachchan. The shoot took that long to start because the set was flooded. He sat in a van with star company without a fuss. After wrapping up the shoot, he headed straight for a late night shoot of Agent Vinod in another part of the city, where his crew members were waiting for him.

By the time nawabsaab returned home, he had been awake for over 24 hours. However, my informer says that he didn’t get a chance to rest even then. A couple of meetings had been scheduled in advance for the day. Haaye bechara!

They have worked together in two films so far. Deepika Padukone and Saif Ali Khan; regardless of the former’s misgivings with Kareena Kapoor, share an excellent rapport on screen. And seeing the way Deepika has praised Saif in her recent interviews, it seems the two actors are fond of each other off screen also.

Deepika, while commenting on her co-stars from ‘Aarakshan’, has heaped praise on Saif Ali Khan. She says that Saif is very comforting as a co-star and is undoubtedly one of the finest actors in the Hindi film industry. She explains that though it is exciting to work with new actors like Prateik Babbar; working with someone like Saif Ali Khan who has a huge body of work behind him, is always satisfactory.

‘Aarakshan’ has an interesting combination of veterans (Amitabh Bachchan and Manoj Bajpai) and young actors (Deepika, Saif and Prateik). The film deals with the complex issue of caste reservations and commercialization of the educational system and is scheduled to release on August 12.

‘Chote Nawab’ Saif Ali Khan who till now has done suave and stylish roles has undergone a complete makeover for his film ‘Aarakshan’. In the Prakash Jha film, Saif plays a Dalit School teacher. Saif will be seen as a Math professor and the star himself is quite amazed about his on-screen avatar. Saif Ali Khan along with his ‘Aarakshan’ team was at leading private educational institute in Mumbai and it was here that he revealed his personal reaction on his character. Saif says that it was a very ironic situation that he had to play a professor of ‘Math’, a subject at which he was very bad himself. He says that as a student he is very bad at Math as he has always been a ‘literature’ person. Saif says he has failed many times in that subject and it was actually quite funny when he was supposed to teach the long numerical equations to kids in the film. Director Prakash Jha jokingly admitted that he had to work really hard to get Saif smoothly portray his character as a Math teacher.

Saif says that he has always been an ‘art lover’ and even today he enjoys reading literature a lot.

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