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Actor-producer Saif Ali Khan has said it is a shame that Pakistan’s Censor board has banned the release of Agent Vinod in that country.

The Bollywood film has been banned in Pakistan as the movie contains references to the ISI that could hurt the sentiments of Pakistani people.

“It is a shame that the movie is banned, with no offence to anyone, as the idea is to have open films between the two countries. I was proud that this film was to release there,” Saif said at an event here today.

“In fact the heroine in our film is a Pakistani girl. We were hoping that they would appreciate that,” he added.

The 41-year-old actor, who plays a RAW agent in the film with girlfriend Kareena Kapoor in the female lead, said that Agent Vinod has drawn references from the real-life tension between Pakistan and India.

“This is a realistic kind of a thriller. We have shown that there are some negative elements in Pakistan towards India and their Censor have a problem showing that.

“We have shown a few most-wanted criminals, those that are harboured in Pakistan, which is a known fact. May be they have taken offence to that. But ultimately we want a RAW agent to win and baddies to lose.

“If they are uncomfortable with that then they should publicise that fact that they are banning Agent Vinod in Pakistan,” said Saif.

The actor also said that the ban in Pakistan will also lead to increase in its piracy.

“Pakistan forms a large portion of our audience. The minute you put a censorship or ban, people will make sure they watch it. And we want them to see the film. In fact we wanted them to see the mujra performed by Kareena.

“It is a shame that they could not see the film in the best way possible. But we tried our best,” said Saif.

LONDON: Bollywood heart-throb Saif Ali Khan has said his new film ‘Agent Vinod’ does not bash Pakistan and rather, for a change, shows Pakistan and India on the same side.

Playing the role of Indian spy agent from RAW, Saif Ali Khan is seen in massive action filled thrill in the film, which also has some scenes shot in Pakistan. Speaking to Geo News in London, the real life partner of heroine of the film Kareena Kapoor said: “It’s good that India and Pakistan are on the same side in Agent Vinod. This is nice and its a good thing.” Indian films as a routine portray Pakistan and its security services in a negative light but Khan said such cinema is not a healthy cinema. “I don’t think there should be bashing of any sort in movies. It’s not right.”

He said it important to present reality in the film and that’s what his latest cinematic venture sets out to do. There are some good and some dangerous elements in Pakistan as far India is concerned, said the actor. He said the film presents this angle “realistically”.

He hoped that cinema goers in Pakistan would love his film, based on its approach. Answering a question on he said following Hollywood and the way it used cinematic technology was a good thing. He said Hollywood was leading the way with technology and less drama and dance — the kind of masala Bollywood films need. The critically acclaimed actor said his role in the film was intense and interesting and hoped that it will provide fun value to his fans.

Agent Vinod has a simple storyline in which the Indian agent gets killed abroad. Before dying, he sends a cryptic message to the headquarters suggesting that something is happening. Agent Vinod is sent to the place to find out more about it. On that journey he meets this very mysterious girl. She has a secret past and you do not know which side she is on.

The news has been circling around the industry awhile that the Famous and Hot Bollywood Bombshell Katrina Kaif will be visiting Pakistan very soon.

Katrina Kaif has usually been linked with actor and ex-lover, Salman Khan. This time round the scenario of the ‘Khan’ is quite different. The exclusive part of this news is that Katrina Kaif will be visiting Pakistan with Saif Ali Khan. While Saif will perform on stage, Katrina will grace the occasion with her presence as an honorable guest at a high profile event in Pakistan.

The nature and purpose of both the event and visit have not been clearly stated as yet, but we will keep you updated on that.

In an interview over her much-awaited visited to Pakistan, Katrina said that she regrets that she would miss an opportunity to perform in Pakistan. She will be there as a honorable guest and Saif Ali Khan will grace us with his Bollywood movements by performing on stage.

There is no doubt that Katrina Kaif is today’s Hottest Indian Celebrity. Millions of people like her beauty, style and acting. She is not only famous in India but she is also very much popular in Pakistan especially amongst our younger generations. Her dance numbers are famous all over the world and with her girl-next-door charm and ethereal beauty she has captured the hearts of many people, old and young alike. Tees Maar Khan, Raajneeti, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani are her recent movie ventures that have proved her to be a Heartthrob for millions around the world.