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The news has been circling around the industry awhile that the Famous and Hot Bollywood Bombshell Katrina Kaif will be visiting Pakistan very soon.

Katrina Kaif has usually been linked with actor and ex-lover, Salman Khan. This time round the scenario of the ‘Khan’ is quite different. The exclusive part of this news is that Katrina Kaif will be visiting Pakistan with Saif Ali Khan. While Saif will perform on stage, Katrina will grace the occasion with her presence as an honorable guest at a high profile event in Pakistan.

The nature and purpose of both the event and visit have not been clearly stated as yet, but we will keep you updated on that.

In an interview over her much-awaited visited to Pakistan, Katrina said that she regrets that she would miss an opportunity to perform in Pakistan. She will be there as a honorable guest and Saif Ali Khan will grace us with his Bollywood movements by performing on stage.

There is no doubt that Katrina Kaif is today’s Hottest Indian Celebrity. Millions of people like her beauty, style and acting. She is not only famous in India but she is also very much popular in Pakistan especially amongst our younger generations. Her dance numbers are famous all over the world and with her girl-next-door charm and ethereal beauty she has captured the hearts of many people, old and young alike. Tees Maar Khan, Raajneeti, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani are her recent movie ventures that have proved her to be a Heartthrob for millions around the world.

Saif Ali Khan is patching up with all those years he has lost. This is his second innings in Bollywood and the most fruitful one. He is ultra-busy with work doing film projects one after the other. He just wrapped up Prakash Jha’s ‘Aarakshan’ and is finishing shoot on his ambitious home production ‘Agent Vinod’.

Saif will also be seen in his another home production along with Deepika Padukone titled ‘Cocktail’. Further, he has also been offered two very lucrative offers. One being ‘Go Goa Goa’ that is touted to be India’s first ever zombie movie and director Raj Kumar Yadav’s ‘Ghanchakkar’.

It is also reported that post the debacle of ‘Jhoota Hi Sahi’, Abbas Tyrewala has come up with something really interesting and wants to cast Saif as the lead. Well, all we can say is that the nawab is back in demand.

You are doing three movies with Saif. Aren’t you apprehensive that your pairing with Saif could be over-exposed?
Love Aaj Kal just happened. It’s coincidence that we have Aarakshan, Cocktail and Race coming up one after another. In fact, we didn’t know we were being offered the same films. The filmmakers concerned approached us individually. But yes, we do share a great rapport and I love working with him. As for worrying about over-exposure, Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif did a lot of films as a pair till people got tired of seeing them together. I hope that doesn’t happen to us.

Every time you shoot an outdoor spell with Saif, his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor lands up at the location…
That’s her personal issue. She comes to spend time with Saif. I don’t think it’s our concern.

Coming back to your films, Aarakshan seems like a male-dominated movie. Aren’t you perturbed about being just a glamour quotient in it?
I’ve gone completely with my gut instinct. My character is an important voice in the movie. Besides, she’s also torn between her father and her boyfriend. The film also explores how reservation can cause differences and strain on personal relations between people. However, if people still think I’m just a glam factor, it’s okay. I love it.

Saif Ali Khan has a new hobby: reading graphic novels. He’s researching for his graphic novel series based on Agent Vinod. He wants the Agent Vinod series to be as edgy as Wolverine and Batman series. Also, Saif wants his film to become a franchise like James Bond and X-Men and also spin merchandises on it.

Prosthetics is in vogue in Bollywood right now. Amitabh Bachchan used it to perfection in Paa (2009), Vidya Balan is likely to employ cosmetic effects in The Dirty Picture, and if all goes well, Saif Ali Khan will also join the prosthetics bandwagon in Go Goa Gone. For his upcoming zom-com (zombie ).

For the uninitiated, Shor In The City directors, Raj Nidimoru-Krishna DK, are set to direct Go Goa Gone for Saif’s Illuminati Films. Also starring Kunal Khemu, the film is apparently about a bunch of youngsters who are out to have fun but get attacked by zombies. “Saif plays a central character and he will be required to look like a zombie in some of the fun sequences. So, the makers have decided to use prosthetics on him,” says a source.

The makers aren’t willing to divulge details yet but don’t deny the use of prosthetics. “Yes, all our actors will surely look their part with the help of VFX, make-up and prosthetics. We aren’t going to stop short of anything to make a good film,” says Krishna. Interestingly, Go Goa Gone’s crew is going to be completely foreign with technicians including stylists, make-up men, action director, editor and cameraman.

“All the technicians come from different countries like Australia, USA, Canada and UK. It’s not a conscious decision to keep out Indian crew. But zom-com is a new genre in India. So an experienced crew will be a big help,” says Krishna DK. “Plus, we have known a lot of technicians (roped in for Go Goa Gone) for some time now. And others came in through references. And since we have the right film to rope them in, why not?” says the director, adding they have agreed to work on relationship basis and will be paid in accordance with what Indian experts are paid. Interestingly, a fresh face has been cast for the female lead.

“We can’t disclose her identity right now, but she is an US-based actor. All of us, including Saif, felt a new girl would fit the part perfectly,” says Krsihna, adding Soha Ali Khan isn’t a part of the film.