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Saif and the love of his life Kareena Kapoor lately graced the Cannes Festival which was followed by a lavish party set up in Paris which was hosted by an International watch brand. As per sources, Saif and Adrien were so mixed up with each other at the party that at one point of time they were even seen cracking up over a joke. Soon they started some intellectual discussions on Indian and International films and in no matter of time; they expressed their keen desire to make a film together, which Saif wants to produce.

Apart from Adrien, Saif and Kareena, other celebrities who graced the party were such as Isabelle Huppert, Clive Owen, Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger, Catherine Deneuve and others. At the do there was a melodious musical program which was presented by Helena Noguerra, Julien Dore, Mareva Galanter and Nouvelle Vague artists.
Oscar winner Hollywood actor Adrien Brody, who is better known for his films such as in ‘King Kong’ (2005), ‘Splice’ (2009), ‘Predators’ (2010) and many more, has been to India during the shoot for the film ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ (2007). The source further adds that the star has put up his desire to watch Saif’s upcoming film ‘Agent Vinod’ and in return Saif too has invited him to be as the guest of honour at his ancestral home Pataudi Palace in India. At the end before saying adios in French, Saif and Adrien decied to keep in touch via email