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Just before Kareena Kapoor began shooting for Heroine, the actress along with beau Saif Ali Khan went to check out some buildings around their present abode in Bandra. The couple was spotted on Thursday around Turner Road in Bandra.
Says an onlooker, “It was a surprise to see them walking on the road and entering a new construction nearby. Both were extremely casually dressed and in their flip-flops. Kareena had no make up at all.”
With the two all set to tie the knot in 2012, are the couple on the lookout for a new home after marriage?
Adds the onlooker, “Both visited the building together and wanted to see what was on offer. They were there for a short while and both were seen in a discussion on their way out.”
Last year there was buzz that Saif wanted to move from his present address in Bandra as a lot of high-rises were coming up in the vicinity and his abode was fast losing privacy.
He apparently didn’t want to find himself looking at their laundry hung out to dry from his living room! As his production office is also located in the vicinity, Saif was keen to set up residence nearby.
In fact the builders of the new constructions were selling their properties stating that it would offer a bird’s eye view of the stars.
The spokesperson of the stars however maintains that they keep looking out for new properties like most stars do for investment and office purposes.

So Saif Ali Khan is a regular at the Bandra gym. That is awesome for his health, his physique and his overall looks. But we’re not so sure about the health of the others who are also regulars at the gym. And the one to blame is the chhote nawab himself. Thing is Saif has some rather peculiar habits in the gym. For instance, he sheds all his clothes in the steam room. Not just that, he reportedly moves around in the locker room in the buff much to the amusement and often irritation of those around. Most regulars at Bandra gym, take it in their stride but there are some who are irritated by his behavior and his histrionics as they call it. No one however says a word. So Saif continues to roam around in his birthday suit. While the others try their damnest to ignore the… we mean Saif.