The public feud between the Desi Boyz leading lady and producer Ramesh Taurani will soon end on a happy note

While producer Ramesh Taurani can stop fretting over the future of his ambitious project Race 2, Deepika Padukone can wipe off the muck that landed on her image after he called her “unprofessional”. We’ve just heard that the Desi Boyz actor has agreed to complete shooting for the thriller even though the conditions she is supposed to have put forth during the initial peace talks will not be fulfilled. Dippy will be informed as and when decisions are made regarding the shoot and promotions, and not before a month as she had demanded. The model-turned-actor won’t be able to insist on getting her preferred set of designers, hair stylists and make-up artists. Dippy will neither have a say in the matter of nor be consulted about the film’s release date. She won’t even be adamant on her ‘I-won’t-deal-with-middlemen’ policy in her communications with Race 2 directors Abbas Mustan. Our feathered friend told us that the 26-year-old has agreed to treat the film as a regular project and not as a special favour to the producer.

This clearly indicates that despite Dippy’s fast rising star status she isn’t big enough to lay down ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, especially since she doesn’t have a godfather to back her and is not the bearer of a well-known surname. What can we say? Sometimes you pay a heavy price for a priceless lesson.

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