Dubai: Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan, who plays a spy in his latest film Agent Vinod, put his speeding skills to test on Saturday as he took a blazing red Ferrari for a spin around the Belhasa Driving Centre.
“Agent Vinod is a spy-action film and there are many car-chases so I asked my director if we could have a flashy car in that too,” said Khan in an exclusive interaction with Gulf News. The actor was in town to promote his much-anticipated Rs50 crore venture that releases on March 22 in the UAE.
He added that he took several lessons to master the art of making car-chase sequence look authentic on-screen.
“Apart from learning how to drive cars and bikes fast, I learnt how to jump off high buildings too,” said Khan, who went as far as Vietnam to learn martial arts in preparation for his stunt-filled role. Billed as Bollywood’s answer to James Bond, Khan impressed upon the press that his film is not inspired by any Western blockbuster.

  1. I wonder, is there such a thing as over-the-top marketing? I can see how it can turn into a mood-killer. A certain fatigue starts setting in with me, here on WordPress, at least, with Agent Vinod. I don’t know if it’s only me or if others feel that way. But when a movie gets marketed too aggressively I start losing interest in seeing it. Not just your movie, any..
    Delhi Belly had the most annoying trailer for instance, which they played in theaters incessantly. First time I saw it, I thought, wow, interesting. After being bombarded it with it for three months at every showing I wanted to jump out of my seat and attack the screen. By the time it showed in the theaters I had developed a nausea. I think I went to see it on the last day, and that only because I am a bollywood addict. I don’t want to sound like a cranky, attention-seeking person, but I thought I am just putting this out here to ponder. as a general comment, not specifically geared towards AV. Others may disagree with me and say, there can never be too much marketing, only too little.
    And of course I wish you all best of luck with Agent Vinod…maybe I ought to learn how to shut up 🙂

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