With his newly-minted status as the Nawab of Pataudi, his trips as brand ambassador for Jaeger-LeCoultre and Chivas, and his romantic getaways with soon-to-be wife Kareena Kapoor, we noticed that Saif Ali Khan cannot travel without a few essential accessories. Here’s a breakdown of what we think Saif needs when he’s jet setting:

1) Handy Louis Vuitton Hold-All
This handy monogrammed bag has accompanied Saif Ali Khan on trips to Paris, London and beyond. We’ve spotted it dangling from his well-muscled shoulder a couple of times.

2) Nerd-Boy Glasses
Saif looks like the Greek god of geek in these heavy black-rim glasses. Wonder if he got them from Tom Ford, he apparently loves his suits!

3) Jacket/Sweater
The Bollywood star’s figured out how to wear the velvet jacket and the preppy sweater without looking pompous. Click here to know more about getting a wardrobe that’s tailored to fit.

4) Well-made Shoes
From the tan shoes he wore, inexplicably, with track pants (!) to the suede ones he’s been spotted in, it’s pretty obvious Saif has a thing for shoes.

5) Kareena Kapoor: She’s photogenic, famous and always hanging on to his arm, kind of like his LV!

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