Stars, nowadays, right from Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan have made their presence quite clear on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and through blogging. However, where on one hand, actors and actresses are lining up to sign up on such sites, the recently crowned nawab Saif Ali Khan is quite the self-confessed recluse when it comes to social networking sites.

Sources claim that one of the main reasons Langda Tyagi has stayed away from such networking sites is because he doesn’t want to undergo the pressure of coming up with some witty and clever remark all the time. Moreover, the princely Khan also believes that while the Internet is a great platform for many things, he does not feel the need to share his every passing thought with the public.

Incidentally, Ranbir Kapoor, the cousin brother of Saif’s beau Kareena also reportedly abhors social networking sites and has this opinion that stars should maintain an aura of mystery around themselves, which vanishes if they remain accessible to the public at large through such websites.

Guess it’s not so easy to ‘poke’ royalty, eh Mr. Khan?

  1. Ayesha Chaudry says:

    This is great Saif! Infact internet is just a waste of time! Great Fanclub like this is enough to get updates about you my Prince!!! 🙂

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