Saba Ali Khan, Tiger Pataudi’s daughter, said on a recent visit to Bhopal that a formal pagdi ceremony for Saif Ali Khan will take place in Pataudi soon. “After the 40 days of mourning for Abba, this ceremony will take place. I will also participate in the ceremony,” said Saba.

The pagdi ceremony is symbolic of inheriting the title of Nawab of Pataudi. For this ceremony, representatives of all the 52 villages under Pataudi province bring a 9 metre-long pagdi for the Nawab. Recalling Tiger’s pagdi ceremony, Anwar Khan of Bhopal said, “After tying three pagdis, each 9m long, Nawab sahab folded his hands and suggested that a coin, instead of pagdis, will do. He took the remaining pagdis in his hand, as a gesture of acceptance of people’s respect.”

  1. Ayesha Chaudry says:

    That’s great Saif! So Pataudi will have another most handsome Nawab!! I’m sure you’ll prove to be the best for your people!!! 🙂

  2. tehreem says:

    I just adore Saif and his family. Nawab Pataudi is the most handsome man I have ever seen. What a charismatic personality he had. Truly a Nawab.

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