Even after the government abolished the Privy Purse in 1971, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi continued to be regarded as a nawab in the 52 villages of the Pataudi riyasat. Pataudi’s only son Saif Ali Khan will be named the Nawab of Pataudi riyasat 40 days after the burial ceremony of his

“We are expecting another huge gathering on that day, as people from across the state would come to see the pagri rasm (coronation ceremony) of Saif,” said Asraf Ali, one of the loyal caretakers of the palace.

Typically, the locals get a glimpse of the Nawab family during the day-time Ramlila, a tradition started during the time of Pataudi’s father, Nawab Iftikhar Ali Khan.

On Friday, Pataudi locals turned up in droves to pay their last respects.

“I have seen Saif many times here, with his father and alone as well. He mixes easily with village people. In such time, it is our duty to share with him his sorrow,” said Luckman Khan, a resident of Pataudi.

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