Some time back Saif and Kareena (Saifeena) were compared to Brangelina (Brad and Angie) and Saif had then quoted they are hotter than their Hollywood counterpart.

Recently Saif and his Bebo were compared to none other than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes but this time around Saif was not too happy about the comparison. “I am Saif Ali Khan of the Indian film industry and lets not compare us to anyone” said Saifu to a scribe who initiated the comparison.

Frankly come to think of it, the journo was not really wrong in comparing Saifu with Tom. Let us tell you why – here’s some trivia that led us to this conclusion too. Saif please have a look!

Tom Cruise, Hollywood’s classic chocolate boy was married to Nicole Kidman for ten long years before they parted ways and got divorced. Next, Tom dated Penelope Cruz for a while but that relationship didn’t last long and eventually died down leaving Tom ‘still looking out for his ideal soul mate’! Finally Tom proclaimed to have found his ‘soul mate’ in the form of Katie Holmes! Forty two year old Tom Cruise fell head over heels in love with 26 year old Katie Holmes so much so that the otherwise quiet actor jumped and screamed, ‘I am in love with Katie’ while standing on a couch at the Oprah Winfrey show! His teenage behaviour shocked his fans and he attributed all his happiness to Katie!

The similarity between Tom-Kat and Saif-Bebo is uncanny! Saif Ali Khan too was in a steady relationship with wife Amrita Singh until the relationship ended surprising everyone around! And if you believe it, he was married for 10 years too!!! Saif then briefly dated Italian model Rozza Catalino but ended that liaison and finally found solace in the company of Kareena Kapoor! As soon as 39 year old Saif started seeing 26 year old Kareena, the love transformed him into an all new Romeo who didn’t mind flaunting his young girl friend and even doing whacky things for her! Saif got a tattoo done on his hand which read ‘Kareena’, slashed his wrist to prove his love, played guitar in a rock concert and even didn’t mind becoming her official chauffeur! Phew! Talk about love turning men in 40’s into boys in 20’s!

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