I don’t take red carpet fashion seriously: Saif Ali Khan

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Agent Vinod, Bollywood, Cannes, Saif Ali Khan
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Saif This year is particularly important for all of us because Bollywood will be present in full force at Cannes and I must say that I am proud to be a part of the fraternity that has now evolved as one of the strongest industries in the world. People from Bollywood (like Anil Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan) who are walking the red carpet have made a great mark at the international level.

In my opinion, the ideal reason for going to Cannes would be to showcase a movie, but you can rent space also. The best way to be here is to have a film competing in the festival. According to me these international film festivals are about different members and stars from various countries getting together. I am told that only one Indian film by a Bangladeshi filmmaker, is in the competitive category and that Mr Rakeysh OmPrakash Mehra’s documentary will be in the sponsored showcase. I have been asked whether I find this as a contrast where five Indian celebrities will be walking the red carpet. I feel that, generally speaking, we make different kinds of films, there are commercial movies and there are also a lot of filmmakers who make arty movies and they should be competing here.

Coming back to the red carpet, I know that there’s a lot of excitement. I will be there as a brand ambassador for Chivas Regal and I must say that I am ecstatic to walk the red carpet for them. I know that red carpet looks of stars are discussed by fashion critics around the world, but if you ask me how I am styling myself for my maiden appearance at Cannes, then I must point out that I don’t take the red carpet fashion seriously at all. On one hand, it’s an honour to be there and I’m very respectful of the event, I’m also clear these are part of my duties as a brand ambassador. Nevertheless, I have decided to wear a Tom Ford dinner jacket when I walk down the carpet. As a part of my duties of being brand ambassador, I would be hosting a couple of parties with them for various guests and stars there. My mother has been on the Cannes jury once and when I told her that I am going there, she asked me to have fun and enjoy myself. Kareena, however, won’t be there with me as she is shooting in Mumbai.
I have also been asked time and again whether this is an opportunity to build inroads in Hollywood and who is that one actor or filmmaker I would like to meet at the festival… To which my answer is: I really don’t know and no, there isn’t anybody in particular I can imagine.

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