Will it be Zorglub for Saif Ali Khan?

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Saif Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan Updates
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Actor Saif Ali Khan has more to do in France than just walk the red carpet at Cannes…

It’s proved that Saif Ali Khan is not trying to be funny. The guy does mean business when it comes to producing films. As it is well-known, the actor has bought the rights of French comic character, whom he wishes to make a film on. The name and details, he refuses to divulge.

Sources inform us, “Saif could well be buying the rights to Blueberry, an underdog hero. He’s a famous French comic character.”

The other characters being speculated upon are: Zorglub, a lovable, mad scientist who attempts to take on the world; Gaston, an office goof; Blueberry, an underdog hero; Marcel Gotlib, best described as absurd and hilarious.

Also, if part I works, we hear Saif will make it a franchise just like the Munnabhai series. Voila

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